Warlock Asylum Part 1: Kiss of The Immortal Album Art

May 18, 2009



I would like to wlecome everyone here to my blog page. I am a good big fan of the musical expertise of Steve Berson and Messiah-el Bey, as well as, a personal friend of the two, also known as Warlock Asylum. I am happy to welcome each and everyone of you to my blog page featuring some deeper insghts about the album artwork presented on their Kiss of The Immortal album.

The following illustration appears as part of the insert:


The illustration that appears above is different than the other images that we have reviewed so far. This is evidently due to the fact that a diferent artist was used for the insert, none other than Anderson Luna.

Although this image has a different feel than the other images discussed, it still drives home the central them of the album, which is Messiah-el’s search for Lilith.

What is most striking about this image is the centerpiece of the whole picture- the Sigil of the Simon Necronomicon. Interestingly,  Messiah-el Bey is one of the few people in this world that has undergone training and initiation in this controversial form of spirituality. For those who are interested, Messiah-el shares his thoughts about this system of spirituality here:


We see a “dove” on the upper left part of the illustration. The “dove” has always been a symbol of Ishtar in her aspect of when she descends into the Underworld. This is a very intriguing aspect of this illustration. Although we see Messiah-el’s character dressed in Egyptian garb, the surrounding aspects brings us to an ancient world where the priesthoods of Egypt and Sumeria were united.

The staff that appears in the illustrration is the Egyptian symbol for everlasting life-The Ankh. The Ankh is not just a symbol for everlasting life, but life emanating from the Divine Womb. The Ankh is synonmous with the eight-pointed star of Ishtar.

We can also see the character here is driven between tow worlds, one modern and one that is ancient. This symbolizes the “twilight” condition. it also represents remembering oneself in all worlds and keeping the material and spiritual aspects of ourselves in balance.

Simon Magus


April 16, 2009




I would like to welcome everyone to Sacred Beat! Our current topic over the pass few weeks has been about the artwork of Warlock Asylum’s first musical project entitled “Kiss of The Immortal.”


Over the past few weeks we have spent time discussing the album cover, now we are approaching the insert.




We see in the above photo a depiction of Kendra Phillips standing next to an underpass, which separates the Eanna from the modern world, wherein Messiah-el finds himself heading towards. The symbol of the Underpass can sometimes represent the veil that stands between two societies, one which is metaphysical and one that is material. One is ironic about this illustration is the question of whether or not Messiah-el is approaching Kendra? Or is he departing into the dust of the city? Another interesting look at this picture and we can see that based on the Moon’s position, it seems as if the Sun would be rising on the east. This would represent a time that is known as the Twilight.




The Twilight is relative o the Morning Star. The Morning Star we can easily identify with the planet Venus or Ishtar. Once again we see a link to the Rites of Inanna. The Morning Star is also called Lucifer, a term that is often perceived as something negative, but it actually means “light bringer.”  The book of revelation Chapter 22 verse 16, Jesus is spoken of as being the “morning star’


I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.


Simon Maguc 

March 30, 2009


Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to The “Kiss Of The Immortal Page.” If this is your first time visiting us here, I would suggest that you start your journey into the musical world of Warlock Asylum by reviewing some of our previous articles listed on the far right.


In our last discussion we were able to come to some deeper insights as to the meaning of the eyes on the front cover of the Kiss of The Immortal album art. Today we will review the meaning of the pyramids as they appear on the cover of the album.


Although the Kiss of The Immortal album is based highly on the Mesopotamian epic of Ishtar and Dumuzi, Warlock Asylum fans may question the appearance of an Egyptian relic on the front cover. We will take a deeper look into the meaning of the Pyramids of Giza, which may give us some understanding as to their relationship with the rest of the album art




It has been theorized that the three Pyramids of Giza are a reflection of three stars that exist in the constellation of Orion.


The three pyramids of Giza are a perfect reproduction of the 3 stars of Orion’s belt:

·      Like the pyramids, the three stars of Orion are not perfectly aligned, the smallest of them is slightly offset to the East.

·      All three are slanted in a Southwesterly direction (Note the exact match in the animation).

·      Their orientation to the Nile recreates Orion’s orientation to the Milky Way.

·      The layout of the pyramids, and their relative sizes were a deliberate design plan, and not the result of three king’s enormous egos as been preached as dogma by the so-called Egyptologists.


Interestingly, in a book entitled, Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning, by Richard H. Allen written in 1889, Allen observes the following on page 304::


“The derivation of the word has been in doubt, but Brown refers it to the Akkadian Uruanna [Note at end of page 304:This divinity was the later Chaldaeo-Assyrian sun-god Dumuzi, the Son of Life, or Tammuz, widely known in classical times as Adonis. Aries also represented him in the sky], the Light of Heaven, originally applied to the sun, as Uru-ki, the Light of Earth, was to the moon; so that our title may have come into Greek mythology and astronomy from the Euphrates. The Ourion, Ouron, or Urion, of the Hyriean, or Byrsaean, story, the Urion of the original Alfonsine Tables, graphically explained by Minsheu, is in no sense an acceptable title, although Hyginus and Ovid vouched for it, thus showing its currency in their day. Caesius’ derivation from Ora, as if marking the Seasons, seems fanciful.”


We can easily see that the album cover art is still consistent with the Ancient Mesopotamian scheme that we spoke of in our first article, which can be found at this link:




The woman that is sitted above the pyramids is Kendra, love of messiah-el. Ironically, Kendra and Messiah-el met through his mentor Eddie Birchmore. They soon discovered that they had a very similar background, both being raised in the Jehovah’ Witness religion, and were best friends before getting into a romantic relationship. Over the years they started studying Eastern Philosophy and some works of Gurdjeiff. They are also Reiki Masters, or involved in the work of Reiki. I am not sure if anyone is a Master unless they feel they completed the learning process of a particular field, which to me seems endless. Messiah-el and Kendra started dating shortly after some of the first recordings were completed. They also began studying some Sumerian Mythologies. Messiah-el began to see some links between the legend of Inanna and Dumuzi with there own relationship over the years. During this time Steve Berson also began dating the love of his life Megan. It seems that the “love theme” in the Warlock Asylum Epic is more than just fictional, and in some ways have affected the lives of those who are involved in the project.

 Simon Magus

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