Warlock Asylum Part 1: Kiss of The Immortal Album Art

May 18, 2009



I would like to wlecome everyone here to my blog page. I am a good big fan of the musical expertise of Steve Berson and Messiah-el Bey, as well as, a personal friend of the two, also known as Warlock Asylum. I am happy to welcome each and everyone of you to my blog page featuring some deeper insghts about the album artwork presented on their Kiss of The Immortal album.

The following illustration appears as part of the insert:


The illustration that appears above is different than the other images that we have reviewed so far. This is evidently due to the fact that a diferent artist was used for the insert, none other than Anderson Luna.

Although this image has a different feel than the other images discussed, it still drives home the central them of the album, which is Messiah-el’s search for Lilith.

What is most striking about this image is the centerpiece of the whole picture- the Sigil of the Simon Necronomicon. Interestingly,  Messiah-el Bey is one of the few people in this world that has undergone training and initiation in this controversial form of spirituality. For those who are interested, Messiah-el shares his thoughts about this system of spirituality here:


We see a “dove” on the upper left part of the illustration. The “dove” has always been a symbol of Ishtar in her aspect of when she descends into the Underworld. This is a very intriguing aspect of this illustration. Although we see Messiah-el’s character dressed in Egyptian garb, the surrounding aspects brings us to an ancient world where the priesthoods of Egypt and Sumeria were united.

The staff that appears in the illustrration is the Egyptian symbol for everlasting life-The Ankh. The Ankh is not just a symbol for everlasting life, but life emanating from the Divine Womb. The Ankh is synonmous with the eight-pointed star of Ishtar.

We can also see the character here is driven between tow worlds, one modern and one that is ancient. This symbolizes the “twilight” condition. it also represents remembering oneself in all worlds and keeping the material and spiritual aspects of ourselves in balance.

Simon Magus


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